Tips For Purging Before Moving Into A Tiny House

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Tips For Purging Before Moving Into A Tiny House

Tips For Purging Before Moving Into A Tiny House

18 May 2016
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Moving into a tiny home requires you to purge a lot of the things that you own because they simply will not fit into the small space in your new home. It is important to take the time to consider what things are of the utmost importance to you, what things are sellable, and what things simply need to be given away to those that can use them. The guide below walks you through a guide for purging your home before you move into a tiny house. 

Label Moving Boxes

The first thing you need to do is to get a few moving boxes and label them as being for items that are being kept, items that are being sold, and items that are being donated. Labeling the boxes will allow you to easily keep track of where each item is going when the purge is complete. 

Finish a Room Completely Before Moving On

When you start purging one room, finish purging it before moving onto another room. This allows you to be able to keep track of how many items you are keeping so that you can gauge how many other things you can keep in other rooms. You will be very limited on space and should have very few keep boxes when you are done. 

Have a Yard Sale

Once you have separated all of your belongings, have a yard sale before you move. Put all of the sellable items into the yard sale. Be sure to price items reasonably to better your chances of having things sell at the sale. Anything that does not sell should then be added to the items that are being donated. 

Donate Your Items

Tape all of the boxes closed and take them to whatever charity you would like to donate the items to. Be sure to get a donation receipt from the charity so that you can claim your donation on your taxes at the end of the year. The slip will simply say what you donated and what the value of the items were. 

Once you have gotten rid of the items that you wanted to sell and wanted to donate, you will be ready to move your kept items into your home. Be sure to take the time to label all of the boxes with the rooms where they will need to be placed and tape them shut firmly so that they do not fall out during the move.   

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