Making Your Bakery Stand Out With Custom Labels

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Making Your Bakery Stand Out With Custom Labels

Making Your Bakery Stand Out With Custom Labels

27 July 2016
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Custom labels can make your baked goods look even more enticing, and they can give your small bakery an upscale artisan look. Here are just a few of the many ways you can put custom labels to work in your small bakery.

Bag And Box Labels

Whether you let your customers help themselves at the doughnut case or you serve them up yourself, custom labels for the bags add an extra finishing touch. Instead of relying on tape, use custom printed labels to seal your bakery bags. You can also use the labels to seal boxes for cakes and pastries. Consider having labels printed for each type of product so customers can identify all their baked goods without opening each of the bags and boxes.

Custom Nutrition Labels

If you are required to post the ingredients and nutrition information on each of your products, consider having custom labels printed that include all of this information as well as your company name and logo. Add a phone number customers can call if they have any questions about the ingredients, and be sure to add your web address so customers can find your website.

Allergy Labels

You can help to build strong relationships with your customers by adding custom allergy labels to your products. Have labels printed that indicate when a product includes nuts so people can avoid foods that might trigger a nut allergy. You can also add labels to items made without gluten to help your customers make the right purchases for their diets and nutritional needs. Consider posting a sign at your counter that indicates you offer gluten-free options or any other special preparations for your baked goods, such as vegan products.

Shopping Bag Labels

Customize your paper shopping bags for large orders with custom labels. Choose large labels with your bakery name and logo printed on them, and choose shopping bags in a color that coordinates with your business logo. You can also use these labels on large boxes, such as those for sheet cakes, to help brand your business and add a beautiful finishing touch to your packaging.

Custom labels, such as from, can be used in a number of creative ways in your bakery. Use these ideas as inspiration for your business, and be sure to use a combination of different labels to make your products stand out from your competition. With the right labels and a bit of creativity, you can create stunning packaging for your finest cakes, pastries, breads and cookies.

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