Tips For Staying Safe During An Active Shooter Event

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Tips For Staying Safe During An Active Shooter Event

Tips For Staying Safe During An Active Shooter Event

28 September 2016
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With the unfortunate rise in terrorist activity these days, it is vital that you know how to protect yourself and your family if you happen to be present during an active shooter event. By knowing how to protect yourself, you will have the highest chance of walking away from the event unharmed. To this end, follow these tips to stay safe with your family during an active shooter terrorist event:

Tip: Don't be a Hero — Run Away

While you might think that hiding or playing dead during an active shooter terrorist event would be the best action you can take, this is never a good idea. Metal bullets can easily travel through walls and furniture and still kill you. The absolute best thing you can do during a shooting event is to run away as fast as possible. Make a serious effort to get as far away from the shooters as possible, and when you are safe, then call 9-1-1 for help.

Tip: Seek Cover Behind Bullet-Proof Building Materials

If you are unable to run away from the site of a shooting, then you need to take cover behind bullet-proof building materials, such as brick or concrete walls. While bullets can penetrate through a metal car or walls of a building, they are not able to travel all the way through brick or concrete. By hiding behind a thick concrete or brick wall, you will have protection against the bullets that are flying around. Additionally, you must avoid hiding in areas with lots of glass above you. When bullets shatter the glass, it could fall on top of you and kill you.

Tips: Turn Off Your Cell Phone and Stay as Quiet as Possible

If you are forced to seek shelter during an active shooter event, then you need to ensure that your cell phone is turned off and that you are very quiet and do not make any noise. A ringing phone, or even a sneeze or a cough, will be a distraction to a shooter, and they will be inclined to turn and shoot towards the sound. 

Finally, it is important that you educate your children about how to act during an active shooter event. While you may not want to scare them, it is vitally important that you share this information and teach them how to handle themselves during an attack in your area.

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