3 Ways to Make Things Easier to Find When Using a Self-Storage Unit

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3 Ways to Make Things Easier to Find When Using a Self-Storage Unit

3 Ways to Make Things Easier to Find When Using a Self-Storage Unit

29 September 2016
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One of the best things about a self-storage unit is that you're able to temporarily free up space inside your house. However, rushing through packing and unloading things can lead to a unit that is cluttered, chaotic and filled to the brim. The idea of going to your unit might ultimately give you a headache because you aren't sure how to find what you need without looking through everything; adhere to the advice below to simplify things for yourself.

Buy Packing Tape in a Variety of Different Colors

You might imagine that different colored packing tape is for children or for vanity use only, but the truth is that different colors can be a great deal of help to you. When you use packing tape in one color to close the box for your bedroom items and a different color for laundry room boxes, for example, you'll give yourself visual clues that will guide you when you return to your unit weeks in the future. Just be sure to write down which colors you used for which room.

List Box Contents

While you're packing up, take a few extra seconds to jot down what you're putting into every box you use. That way, when you're in the unit in the future, you don't have to guess which "kitchen" box contains your coffee machine or your grandmother's china. Just a few moments can save you from pulling out your hair later as you go through a lot of boxes only to find what you're looking for in the last box you look through.

Draw Up a Small Diagram

Even if you have a good idea of where everything is when you deposit your boxes, it's possible that you won't exactly remember later. For example, did you put the bathroom boxes in the right rear area of your unit or against the wall on the left side? Make it easier to recall by drawing up a basic, small diagram of where things are.

If you're afraid of misplacing the picture you draw, you can leave it right near the unit's door so that you can use it whenever you return. However, because it can act as a map to any intruder who gets into your unit, you may instead choose to bring the diagram with you and keep it with other vital documents inside your home.

By paying attention to the details in this article, you're going to find that it's a simpler job to locate what you're wanting whenever you visit the self-storage unit. For further guidance, check in with staff at the rental company like I-70 Self Storage to see if they have more ideas for you.

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