Three Tips For Avoiding Water Heater Problems

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Three Tips For Avoiding Water Heater Problems

Three Tips For Avoiding Water Heater Problems

11 October 2016
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Having running hot water can greatly improve the comfort of your home. However, heating such large amounts of water will require a powerful water heater. Unfortunately, homeowners often pay little attention to this appliance until it malfunctions. To help minimize the risk of a water heater malfunction causing disruptions to your home, you will want to be mindful of the following care tips.

Invest In An Extended Service Warranty

Many homeowners are unaware of the fact that it is often possible to invest in extended warranties for their appliances. When you have the protection of one of these warranties, you will be protected from the repair costs involved with repairing a wide range of the more common issues that these appliances may experience. These extended warranties may be somewhat expensive, but they can greatly reduce the risk of having a sudden out-of-pocket expense for repairing the water heater.

Have The Water Heater Regularly Serviced By A Technician

Every couple of year, you will need to hire a professional to service your water heater. These service visits are necessary to repair the wear and tear that the unit suffers over the course of use. For example, water heaters require powerful pump systems to circulate the heated water throughout the home's plumbing system. If this pump is not regularly tuned and serviced, the moving parts of the pump may become too warped or otherwise damaged to be able to function.  

Monitor The Hardness Of Your Home's Water

The quality of the water in a home can be a critical factor in determining the likelihood of your water heater encountering problems. When a home has hard water, there will be excess minerals in it that can gradually crystallize and accumulate on the heating elements of the appliance. Once this occurs, the heating elements will be thoroughly insulated, which may greatly decrease the effectiveness of the system at warming water. To combat this problem, you should test the quality of your home's water at least once a year. If it is discovered that the mineral contents of the water are too high, you should consider installing a water softener to reduce the prevalence of these minerals.

Ensuring that your home's water heater functions as efficiently and effectively as possible is critical for maintaining the comfort of the house. In particular, appreciating the benefits of investing in an extended warranty for the water heater, having the unit serviced and protecting the unit against hard water will allow you to ensure your home's water heater avoids some of the more common issues that may plague homeowners. 

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