Important Things to Do While Waiting for a Plumber

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Important Things to Do While Waiting for a Plumber

Important Things to Do While Waiting for a Plumber

14 October 2016
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Are you suffering from a toilet or toilets that don't flush properly? Are your other drains also running sluggishly or not at all? Dealing with drains that don't drain can be frustrating. If plungers aren't working, it's time to call in the professionals. Here are some things to do and not to do while waiting for the plumber.

Don't use drain opening chemicals: Drain opening chemicals can be hazardous to your plumber as well as to your pipes. If you read the label on most drain opening chemicals, you'll likely see a warning stating that they could result in chemical burns or are otherwise dangerous to unprotected skin. Some of these chemicals can also eat through certain types of pipes or heat up hot enough to damage your pipes. If you already poured some of these chemicals down the drain, make sure you inform your plumber before he or she starts working on your clogged sewer. 

Stop running water: It may seem like a good idea to keep the water running as long as it continues to go down the drain at all, in the hopes of pushing the clog along. However, once the clog is large enough to block up multiple plumbing fixtures, this won't help. The limited water pressure created by the running water will be insufficient to unblock your clogged sewer. The excess water could also make your plumber's job more difficult. If you're unable to completely stop running water, for whatever reason, you should at least try to limit its use as much as possible. This will also help prevent even more debris from being pushed to the clog, which could result in your sewer line becoming completely blocked up.

Unlatch gates: In the excitement of dealing with a plumbing emergency, it can be all too easy to forget that the plumber may need access to specific parts of your property to tackle your clogged sewer. Before the plumber arrives, make sure to open any locked gates that are on your property so that the plumber will have easier access to everything. If someone else has the keys to open the necessary gates or doors, make sure to get the key carrier to your property before the plumber shows up. If your plumber has to wait around for somebody else, he or she will either wind up leaving to go to another job or will simply charge you for the time that they spent waiting.

For more information about clogged pipes and what you should do before the plumber comes, check out the site and contact your local plumbing service.

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