3 Ways To Make Your Company's Mailing Containers Unique And Improve Your Customers' Experience

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3 Ways To Make Your Company's Mailing Containers Unique And Improve Your Customers' Experience

3 Ways To Make Your Company's Mailing Containers Unique And Improve Your Customers' Experience

17 October 2016
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If you run an e-commerce business that sells products to consumers, the moment your customers open a package from your company is extremely significant. While you can try to make an impression through your company's website and social media platforms, no online communication will have as big of an impact on a customer's experience as when they open their package from you. The packaging your products come in can greatly affect whether this is a memorable experience. If you'd like to make your company's customers remember opening their shipments, here's how to design mailing containers that enhance the customer experience.

Custom Mailing Containers

Regardless of whether you're shipping something small, like books or coffee, or something big, like made-to-order furniture or auto parts, you can get custom mailing containers designed specifically for your business. When your packages arrive in a custom mailing container, customers will immediately know who the package is from—and they won't be able to wait to open it if they're excited about the purchase.

If your company is tight on capital and can't afford custom mailing containers, you may be able to make your own. Get a couple of stamps made with your company's name and logo on them, and purchase a stamp ink pad that matches one of the colors in your company's logo. Stamping each package yourself will take just a few seconds, and it'll be cheaper than ordering lots of custom-made shipping containers.

Custom Shipping Tape

If you don't want to pay for custom containers and don't like the idea of hand-stamping containers, you can instead order custom shipping tape that has your company name and logo on it. The tape will be strong enough to keep your packages closed. The box won't have your company's graphics on it, but the tape will show who your company's packages are from. You could even use custom shipping tape along with a custom mailing container to reinforce your company's branding.

Crinkle Paper in Your Company's Colors

Crinkle paper keeps the products inside a mailing container from bouncing around too much. Both brown and white crinkle paper are used by many businesses, but you can make your company stand out by ordering crinkle paper in the same colors as your company's logo. The uniquely colored paper will grab customers' attention as soon as they peek inside the package—before they even see the actual product—and it'll also reinforce your company's branding.

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