3 Casket Considerations You Shouldn't Ignore When Pre-Planning Your Funeral

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3 Casket Considerations You Shouldn't Ignore When Pre-Planning Your Funeral

3 Casket Considerations You Shouldn't Ignore When Pre-Planning Your Funeral

11 November 2016
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Pre-planning your funeral may not be an average way to choose to spend a Saturday night, but planning things yourself is a smart choice that can empower you to call the shots about your final good-bye. Whether you are thinking ahead to the far future or facing a more immediate need to make these decisions, pre-planning your funeral is a serious matter. It's a good idea to have a loved one help you with these decisions or at least provide moral support as you encounter the choices that go into completing these tasks. Whatever you do, the following three casket considerations should not be ignored during the process of pre-planning your funeral.

Consideration #1: What You Want to Convey

While much of life should not be about appearances, it's important to consider what you want to convey to your loved ones with your casket. The casket will likely be brought in front of mourners at the funeral and then carried by your chosen pallbearers. You may choose a traditional wooden or metal casket, or you may want to make a stronger statement with something unusual like a flax casket. Whether you want to or not, the type of casket that you choose does send a message. As part of pre-planning the funeral, you may further comment on the intended message with a statement to be read at the funeral if you'd like. Look at the selections of companies like Elmwood Casket Company to get an idea of what you want. 

Consideration #2: What Décor You Want to Accentuate

There is a lot more to caskets than their basic materials. You may also have intricate designs placed on them. For example, you may opt for golden handles and other designs. The interior of the casket can also be lined with fine fabrics in your favorite color. A personalized touch to how you decorate your casket can make your loved ones smile at a sad time and provide them with the comfort of knowing that your personal touch is a part of their final good-bye.

Consideration #3: What You Want Around You

Choose things that you want to be buried in the casket alongside you. Although this is not directly related to the casket itself, it can impact the type of casket you want. For example, if you'd like to have valuables buried with you, you may choose a more upscale or secure casket. If you'd prefer to have nothing but the basics in the casket, that may also impact the type of casket you want.

Finally, keep in mind that custom caskets are one of the most important parts of pre-planning your funeral. You can have your tastes honored and make the statement that you want. Also, it will take a huge burden off the shoulders of your loved ones to know that you made the choices that you truly wanted when it came to final plans and casket choices.

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