4 Considerations When Buying Commercial Printers

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4 Considerations When Buying Commercial Printers

4 Considerations When Buying Commercial Printers

7 July 2021
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If you're in the market for business-grade printers, there is much more to evaluate than just the budget. Commercial printers have evolved, and you must know what features and functions will complement your business workflow.  It's advisable to weigh the print volume you handle, the cost of consumables, and the must-have features you need.

Ideally, finding commercial printers that help you to multi-task is a plus for businesses of all sizes. If such a printer enables you to print your documents fast without presenting ink troubles. Before you spend on commercial printers, you must check your printing needs and whether a specific printer can simplify your tasks. Here are considerations to evaluate when buying commercial printers.

1. Check Printer Functions

Indeed, your business functions determine the commercial printers you should buy. You must evaluate all the tasks you need the machine to handle. If you have additional requirements away from basic printing, check whether it makes sense to spend on an all-in-one Printer. Instead of buying a generic printer with less functionality, consider spending a little more on multi-functional printers that offer versatile features and robust build quality.

Additionally, you need to check whether you want to print in mono or color. Remember, customer needs keep changing, and your business printer must accommodate them without upgrading your machine too soon.

2. Query Connectivity to the Existing Network

If your business network integrates easily with other machines and hardware, you must check whether your new commercial printers can do the same. Always evaluate whether the printer comes with a steep learning curve and whether it's easy for your employees to deploy it. The best move is to purchase a printer that offers easy integration, usability, and scaling capacities. Today, printers come with tablet-like interfaces that enable teams to toggle and print from multiple devices.

3. Know the Total Cost of Ownership

If you've decided to buy commercial all-in-one printers, you must weigh the cost of consumables. Your printing machine must offer logical costs of ownership. Always assess the cost of ink, maintenance, and performance compared to other printers. It's advisable to look past the primary cost of hardware, especially if the buying decision is driven by a desire to cut office printing and imaging costs.

4. Check Ease of Use

When selecting commercial printers, it's easy to get caught up in the frills and add-on features at the expense of usability. If you have an entire office relying on the printer, you must factor in ease of use, printer settings, troubleshooting, and document access. Commercial printers that offer intuitive settings can reduce downtime and enhance productivity. It's advisable to check whether the vendor provides seamless support online. Purchasing printers with manufacturer-aided support will consolidate workflow issues if a problem ever occurs.

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