Order A Custom Shadow Box Following Your Child's Birth

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Order A Custom Shadow Box Following Your Child's Birth

Order A Custom Shadow Box Following Your Child's Birth

16 March 2023
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There are several different ways that you can celebrate the birth of a child. You might hire a photographer who specializes in newborn photography to shoot photos of the infant, for example, with the goal of hanging some of these prints in your home. Another piece that you can display in an area of prominence is a custom shadow box that is dedicated to your newborn. It's a fun process to gather a selection of items that relate to your infant, and then visit a shadow box company to discuss your project. In addition to the shadow box including some basic information about your child, such as their full name, date of birth, and hospital of birth, you'll likely want to include the following items:

Hospital Bracelet

If the hospital at which you had your baby gave them a tiny hospital bracelet to wear, this is a special memento that you've likely saved. Instead of tucking it away in a drawer where you'll seldom see it, it can be a good addition to your custom shadow box. You may even wish to put your own hospital bracelet, perhaps talking to the shadow box company about linking the bracelets together in the framed piece to represent the bond between parent and child.

Infant Attire

Depending on how much time has elapsed between the birth of your child and your decision to order a custom shadow box, you may have a few articles of clothing that can be a good fit in this framed piece. A good option is any piece of clothing that the child either wore home from the hospital or wore early in their life in your home. A small hat, mittens, and perhaps even a pair of booties can all be good additions to the shadow box. Its depth will allow each of these items to have plenty of room in the frame. 

Stuffed Animal

It's common for an infant to receive a large number of stuffed animals early in their life. While your child will eventually enjoy having this assortment, there may be far more than you need in your home. A good way to use one of the smaller stuffed animals is to include it in the shadow box. Choose something in a color that complements the other colors that will be on display in the box—for example, something that matches any attire that you'll display.

Find a custom shadow box company in your area to discuss this project.

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