Getting Your Gym Ready For A High School Dance: Four Options To Consider

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Getting Your Gym Ready For A High School Dance: Four Options To Consider

Getting Your Gym Ready For A High School Dance: Four Options To Consider

8 September 2016
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Getting your gym ready for a high school dance requires a bit of preparation and some exciting decorations. You'll need to consider ways to protect your gym floor and bleachers while making the space fun for your students. Here are a few ways you can do both and pull off a great event your school can be proud of.

Use Color Guard Floors

Your color guard floors are designed to be danced on, which makes them great for protecting your wood flooring. Use a color guard floor with your school's logo and mascot to bring a bit of school pride to the dance, and use traditional gym floor tarps on the rest of the flooring to keep it safe from scuffs and stains. Your janitorial crew can roll out the tarps immediately after school closes so your dance committee can get started on the other preparations.

Create A Separate Concession Area

To avoid having a lot of food and drink in the gym area, set up a separate concession stand in the lobby of your gym. If your school has a concession booth located near the gym, use it to sell snacks and drinks and place tables and chairs in the lobby. Be sure to add some colorful tablecloths to make this area look special, and challenge your dance committee to create centerpieces for the tables as well. Have your janitors place trash cans at the entrance to the gym to help prevent food and drink from getting inside the dance area.

Lock Down The Bleachers

You'll want to have the bleachers folded away to make more room for the dance, so consider tethering them in place. This will prevent students from attempting to open the bleachers for additional seating space. Leave one section of bleachers out by a few rows to give students a place to rest between dances. You can cover up the tethers for the bleachers with crepe ribbon or with long strings of balloons. If there is space beneath your bleachers students can use to sneak out of sight, consider hanging crepe paper on the sides. Your chaperones can scan the ends of the bleachers to make sure it stays in place during the dance, and they can investigate if it looks like the crepe has been removed.

Build A Stage

Whether you are planning on crowning a king and queen at the dance or you just want to make the gym feel a little more exciting, consider building a stage at one end of the room. You can invest in portable stage pieces, which look similar to counter-height folding tables, to create a temporary stage. Use your gym floor tarps to cover the tables so your students have a smooth surface to walk across, and put your dance committee to work decorating the area with flowers and balloons. This area can be used as a DJ booth, and it also gives teachers and chaperones a place to stand while making announcements.

Put these steps in place to create a fun dance experience while protecting your gym. Work with the dance committee to create other ways to build excitement for your high school dance. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like

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