3 Tips To Help Prepare Your Network For Gigabyte Speeds And The Latest In Technology

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3 Tips To Help Prepare Your Network For Gigabyte Speeds And The Latest In Technology

3 Tips To Help Prepare Your Network For Gigabyte Speeds And The Latest In Technology

20 September 2016
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Having a network that is connected to the Internet at the fastest speeds possible can give your business many advantages. It is also something that can provide you with more opportunities for technological advancements. When choosing hardware, there are many upgrades that you will want to make. This can include installing new routers, PC cards, and other equipment that support gigabyte connections. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a gigabyte network:

1. Installing New Network Cabling For Maximum Connection Speeds

Networking cables are often outdated and may not support the connection speeds you need for gigabyte connections. You can contact a network repair service to help with evaluating existing land cables and switches to see if they need to be replaced to support the new network infrastructure that you plan in installing for your business. This may mean that you need to have new cables installed.

2. Routers And Network Equipment To Support You Gigabyte Network

Routers and other network equipment will also need to be replaced for your gigabyte connection. You may also want to have routers installed with high speed Wi-Fi connections for your business. The routers are the main connection to the network, which may also have other equipment attached to them, such as switches and telephone equipment. Much of your old equipment will need to be replaced to get your gigabyte network up and running.  Depending on your network, you may need to replace more hardware. If you only have a few computers connected to the network, a single router can do the job, but larger business networks will require the installation of new network switches in addition to routers.

3. Updating Computers And Servers With Gigabyte Networking Cards

Computers in your office will also need to be updated with gigabyte networking cards. This may not be necessary if some of the desktops and workstations are newer and already equipped with the high speed network cards. What will need to be updated is older servers and computers that have less than gigabyte connections. Usually, these repairs are as simple as installing new network cards, which a computer repair service that also does networks will be able to help you with.

These are some tips that can help you with the installation of gigabyte network hardware and computer equipment. If you are ready for faster network connections and modern technology for your business, contact a computer repair service such as L And D Technology Solutions to help with the installation of gigabyte networks.   

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