When Preplanning Your Funeral, Consider These Different Eulogist Options

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When Preplanning Your Funeral, Consider These Different Eulogist Options

When Preplanning Your Funeral, Consider These Different Eulogist Options

20 September 2016
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Taking the time to preplan your funeral is a valuable way to ensure that the service is held in the manner that you'd have wanted. By talking with your close family members and putting down all your wishes in writing with the funeral director at a funeral home, like Los Angeles Funeral Service, you can feel good knowing that you've had your say in how the event will unfold.

When it comes to selecting people who will eulogize you, it's useful to give some careful consideration to this process. Many people select a family member such as a brother or a sister. You might wish to go this route, too, or you could think of a different person who can either speak alone or complement the words of another eulogist. Here are some people to consider asking.

Employee Or Employer

Having a longtime employee or employer offer a eulogy at your funeral can provide attendees with some details about a side of you that they rarely saw. If most of those who attend your funeral are either family members or friends, it can be informative to have someone speak about your career. Even if this person is long retired, he or she can share some memories about the aptitude or passion you brought to your job and the influence that you had on those around you. This can nicely complement the remarks that will be made by a close family member.


If you have a grandchild with whom you shared a close relationship and he or she is of the appropriate age to deliver some remarks at your funeral, this can be a particularly poignant part of the ceremony. One of the goals that many people have as they age is to positively influence the younger generation, and having your grandchild speak about the relationship he or she had with you is something that many people in attendance will appreciate hearing.

Childhood Friend

Many people think about contemporary friends when selecting those who will eulogize them, but they might not think further back about a childhood friend. This person can provide some insights into your formative years, as well as share several key moments from throughout your early life. It's best to avoid asking someone whom you haven't seen in years, but if you see this person even on occasion, he or she can help tell the story of your life at your funeral service.

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