Strategies For Effectively Using Self-Storage As A Youth Sports Coach

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Strategies For Effectively Using Self-Storage As A Youth Sports Coach

Strategies For Effectively Using Self-Storage As A Youth Sports Coach

23 September 2016
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When you volunteer to coach a youth sports team in your community, you'll often find that your home becomes a makeshift equipment room for the team's gear. This might work if you have an expansive basement, but won't suit everyone, including the family members who want to use the space. Instead, consider renting a self-storage locker on the way from your home to the athletic complex where your team plays its home games. Here are some simple strategies for using this space effectively during the off-season.

Taking Inventory Of What You Have

A self-storage locker provides the perfect venue for taking inventory of the equipment and supplies that you have, which will help you know what you'll need to buy before the next season begins. When the season ends, have your players drop off any of their rented gear to the storage facility. Inside your locker, you can lay out all of the items and make a list of the gear you have, the size of each available piece, and the equipment's condition. For example, you could list that you have 10 small jerseys, five medium jerseys, and only two large jerseys; this indicates a need for more large jersey purchases during the off-season.

Get Everything Clean

Cleaning sports uniforms and equipment isn't something that you'll want to do at home, given how these articles can smell. It's a perfect job to do in your self-storage locker. You can open the door to provide fresh air, and then use a disinfectant spray on each piece of equipment. Then, you can hang lines across the locker and hang up the uniforms and gear to air dry, perhaps with an oscillating fan blowing air at them. If you find a storage facility near a laundromat, you could wash the jerseys and then take them to your locker to air dry.

Outfit The Players Before The Season

Before each sports season, one of the exciting things for players is picking out their jersey numbers and the equipment that they'll use for the season. For the coach, though, it can be a real hassle to drag all of these supplies to the sports facilities. Instead, consider having your players drop by the storage facility at a given time before the start of the season to pick up their items. You could even have the players come in 10-minute intervals to allow you to hand out everything in a controlled manner.

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