What Can You Do When Bees Swarm Your Business?

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What Can You Do When Bees Swarm Your Business?

What Can You Do When Bees Swarm Your Business?

23 September 2016
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Nothing can interrupt a regular business day quite like a swarm of honeybees. These large clusters form when part of a hive splits off to find a new home, and they can often wander for days before settling on a location. When bees swarm on private property, they can usually be left alone until they decide to move on. In public spaces, however, you will need to act more quickly to see the bees off and avoid the liability of potential bee stings on your property. 

Getting Customers to Safety

Whenever you are dealing with bees, safety should be your first priority. Because bee stings can cause fatal allergic reactions, members of the public and your staff should not be allowed in the vicinity of the swarm. This may mean closing off a portion of your business or shutting it down entirely, depending on where the swarm has landed. Once everyone is safely away, call your local bee removal service to describe your situation and get some professional assistance. 

Assessing the Bee's Behavior

Most swarming honeybees are not aggressive, since they have no hive to defend and each sting is fatal to the bee attached. They will only sting if they feel physically threatened. A few varieties, like the notorious Africanized honey bees, however, can be dangerous even when unprovoked. If you notice that the bees on your property are acting aggressively toward anyone who approaches, it may be helpful to tell your bee removal service prior to their arrival. 

Blocking Off Potential Hive Spaces

When swarming bees settle in an area, they send out scouts in all directions to search for a suitable new hive. These scouts will be looking for dry, secluded areas, not necessarily limiting themselves to trees. Close up any sheds or crawlspaces on your property during this time to minimize the odds of the bees deciding to move in before help arrives. Swarming bees are much easier to handle and move than those with a hive, so keeping them homeless is vital for a quick and painless extraction. 

Removing the Swarm 

Once your bee removal service is on-site, the technicians should be able to safely collect and move the bees to a safer location. Honeybees are often taken to an agricultural hive, where they will be able to live comfortably while benefiting local farmers and plants. Through quick action and by allowing professionals to take care of the problem, both you and the bees on your property should be able to go your separate ways without injury. If you have recently found a swarm of bees at your business site, call a bee removal service in your area (like U.S. Pest Control) now to get started. 

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