Attracting The Attention Of Trade Show Attendees To Your Booth

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Attracting The Attention Of Trade Show Attendees To Your Booth

Attracting The Attention Of Trade Show Attendees To Your Booth

29 September 2016
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If you own your own business, and you decided to enroll in a local trade show event to expand your customer base, the booth you use will need to be eye-catching in an attempt to draw attraction from those attending. There are several steps you can take to make your trade show booth stand out from others so potential customers are bound to come by to check out the items or services you are promoting. Here are some tips you can use to boost the amount of foot traffic your trade show booth receives, perhaps allowing you to gain additional customers as a result.

Use The Power Of The Senses

To pique interest of those at the trade show into coming over to your booth, consider using methods that enhance the senses. Playing music is bound to grab attention as people walk past. Consider using popular tunes with a memorable beat to entice people to walk a little closer to see what your booth has to offer. Offer free beverages to those walking by. This will be appreciated by the participants and they will be likely to check out the merchandise or service offerings you have available after they grab a drink. 

Offer Fun Promotional Items

It is a good idea to have promotional items available to had out to trade show attendees. Word will quickly get around that your booth is handing out a freebie, increasing the amount of people stopping by to check out the booth. This is a great way to not only gain attention at the moment, but will also allow for repeat advertising of your business. When a person uses the item you gave to them, they will be reminded about your business. It is best to include your business name and phone number upon the item. Select fun promotional items like t-shirts, office supplies, or sunglasses. These are usable items that will most likely not be thrown away, helping you to expand the visibility of your business' information. Check out a company like Keeton's Office Supply to find promotional products.

Use Signs And Movement To Draw Attention

Place several signs throughout the trade show indicating what booth number your business is as well as any free items you are offering. This will add an air of mystery to the event and will cause those visiting to search for your booth. Place signs on banner stands in front of your booth so those who were looking for it will know they have found the right location.

Another way to draw attention to your booth is with movement. Tie ribbons to the spokes of a fan, place it in front of your booth, and turn it on to draw the eyes toward the fluttering pieces of material. Use a bubble machine to make those walking past search for the source of the fun. Balloons hung to the sides of your trade show tent also work well at drawing attention to the area.

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