Three Pitfalls To Avoid When You're Renting A Portable Air Compressor With A Trailer Hitch

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Three Pitfalls To Avoid When You're Renting A Portable Air Compressor With A Trailer Hitch

Three Pitfalls To Avoid When You're Renting A Portable Air Compressor With A Trailer Hitch

3 October 2016
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Whether you need to use large power tools that require compressed air or just need to clean via a sharp air stream, renting a dedicated air compressor for the task is often a good idea. In particular, renting a portable air compressor with a trailer hitch in addition to wheels is a great option if the unit needs to be relatively hefty. However, make sure that you avoid these three pitfalls when you're renting a portable air compressor with a trailer hitch.

Assigning Only One Person To Hitch And Unhitch The Compressor Without Supervision

Since even the smallest air compressors with trailer hitches are still going to be very heavy, always have at least one extra person to supervise when you're hitching and unhitching the trailer unit. Otherwise, if your car happens to be on a sloped road, the air compressor could start moving during the hitching process without the first person realizing it.

Without a warning from the second person to immediately back away, the first person could get his or her hands caught up in the metal hitching machinery, leading to a terrible injury. Scenarios like this are exactly why you should spare no precautions whenever you're handling heavy construction equipment.

Using A Hose That's Too Thin For The Compressor's PSI Level

Portable air compressors can come in a wide variety of PSI levels. The right compressor for you will depend on the size and power of the tools you're planning on using. For example, if the power drill that needs compressed air is only going to be used to drive small holes in a wall or set of boards, you probably don't need the largest air compressor available.

If you do need a large compressor, however, make sure that you rent or buy a hose that can actually handle the unit's high PSI level. Otherwise, the hose could tear and your building or remodeling job could get delayed by as much as a day. If you're unsure of what a hose can handle, ask about the product's specifications at the store you're at.

Not Putting A Thick Tarp Over The Compressor In Harsh Weather

Though most of the moving parts in the air compressor should be covered by the metal or plastic plating on the unit's exterior, this plating is rarely water-tight. Therefore, if you don't want the unit to suddenly stop working during a bout of harsh weather, obtain a good tarp to cover it when necessary. 

If you need the compressor for multiple days, find a small garage or shed to store it in. Otherwise, a surprise thunderstorm coming on in the night could do great damage to it. For more information, contact companies like Summit Tool Rentals Division Of Wirtz Rentals.

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