Winter Is Almost Here: 3 Signs That Your Commercial Roof Might Not Be Ready For The Wet Weather

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Winter Is Almost Here: 3 Signs That Your Commercial Roof Might Not Be Ready For The Wet Weather

Winter Is Almost Here: 3 Signs That Your Commercial Roof Might Not Be Ready For The Wet Weather

4 October 2016
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Winter is fast approaching. Is the roof on your commercial building ready for the cold, wet weather that will soon be here? If you're not sure, now's the time to do a thorough roof inspection. A damaged roof can lead to serious problems during the winter, especially if it fails. Luckily, with some careful observation, you can identify problems that your commercial roofing company will be able to take care of for you. Here are three signs you should look for during your inspection.

Stains on the Ceiling

The best place to start a roofing inspection is inside the building. Your ceiling will provide you with a good starting point for identifying potential problems up above. While inspecting your ceiling, look for two important signs – stains and bubbles.


The first thing you want to look for are stains or water marks. If you find either of those on your ceiling, it's a sure sign that you have a leak in your roof. As the water seeps through the roofing material, it leaks through to your ceiling, where it will leave stains.


The next thing you should look for are bubbles in the ceiling. These will be areas that look like something is bulging between the ceiling and the paint. That something is probably water, which means you have a serious leak in your roof.

If you find either of these issues on your ceiling, use a measuring tape to mark off the location of the problem. This will allow you to identify the problem area once you head up to the roof.

Puddles of Water

Once you head up to the roof, take a quick look for puddles of standing water. If you have standing water, you'll need to have your roof looked at. Standing water can cause your roofing material to rot, which will lead to serious problems this winter.

Torn or Damaged Roofing Material

To get a good look at your roofing, be sure to walk the entire area of your roof. Look for signs of torn or damaged roofing material. It's also important that you pay close attention to the metal flashing that's located along the edges of your roof. The flashing provides protection along the seams and edges of your roof. Damaged flashing can lead to leaks this winter.

Winter is almost here. Time to get your commercial building ready for the wet weather. Use the tips provided here to identify potential problems with your roof. To make sure your roof is ready for winter, be sure to have a commercial roofing contractor, such as those found at Upson Company, take care of any necessary repairs as soon as possible.

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