Vacation Or Hip-Hooray-Cation: Little Lodging Luxuries That Make A Vacation Super Special

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Vacation Or Hip-Hooray-Cation: Little Lodging Luxuries That Make A Vacation Super Special

Vacation Or Hip-Hooray-Cation: Little Lodging Luxuries That Make A Vacation Super Special

15 November 2016
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Getting away for a restful vacation is one of the luxuries in life that most people work hard to earn. When those opportunities arise, staying in a hotel or motel with extra special amenities can mean more fun and more memories. What types of luxury amenities are some hotels and motels offering to make their guests' visits a little more special?

Travel of the Past: The Vacation

Vacations of the past meant loading up the family in the car and stopping for a night or two in motels on the way to the destination. The motel itself was just a place to rest the head and shower off. Common amenities of the past included a pool, in-room movies, and free local calls. However, recently many lodging locations have become the destination rather than the stop along the way. One reason is the luxurious amenities offered now that were never considered in the past.

Travel in the Present: The Hip-Hooray-cation

While it's easy to find simple motels that satisfy the traveler looking for a rest stop, there are many hotels that offer extra special options:

Tanning Butlers: Imagine you are soaking up some rays around the hotel pool and your sunscreen has worn off. How will you ever manage to reapply it yourself? Never fear, some hotels have a "tanning butler" that roams around poolside applying and reapplying generous amounts of sunscreen to hotel guests.

Pampered Pooches: The family pet is often considered a member of the family. In fact, at some hotels the pets are pampered as much as the guests. Amenities for Fido can include special beds, pet dishes, massages, and room service fit for a dog.

Lazy Days: On vacation, sometimes getting up to close the blinds or adjust the thermostat is simply too much work. Some hotels now offer touch screen controls to adjust the window blinds, thermostat, lighting, and television. You almost never need to leave the comfort of your bed!

Techno Travel: Staying connected is something many people want, even while on vacation. Many hotels are now offer mobile reservations and some even offer mobile check-in. Nearly all hotels now offer free Wi-Fi to registered guests.

Super Staff: Don't want to hunt for a parking space and walk? Many hotels offer valet parking. Business suit a bit too wrinkled? Some hotels offer dry cleaning services. Need a babysitter? The concierge can help you find one available in the area.

While not all hotels offer these amazing amenities, the lodging industry in general is reaching out to customers to make their stays as pleasant as possible. This makes the present day hotel stay more than just a stop on the way to the vacation destination.

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