3 Quick Tips To Help You Effectively Use A Mailing Tube For Your Business

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3 Quick Tips To Help You Effectively Use A Mailing Tube For Your Business

3 Quick Tips To Help You Effectively Use A Mailing Tube For Your Business

14 September 2020
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Whenever your business has an item that must be mailed to another location, you may initially think of accomplishing this task with a traditional shipping box. However, there might be occasions when you need to send an engineering blueprint, marketing poster, or other important documents and items that simply won't fit into a conventional square container. To help prevent these types of items from being damaged during shipping, it's crucial to use a mailing tube. Mailing tubes come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all kinds of oddly shaped objects, including telescopes, baseball bats, fishing poles, golf clubs, and even rolled-up shirts. Here are some quick tips that you can use the next time you pack up a mailing tube. 

1) Choose the right size. 

It's important to determine the weight, diameter, and length of the item that you want to ship before you purchase a mailing tube. If you don't make some quick measurements ahead of time, you may pick up the wrong size tube. There are mailing tubes of all diameters and lengths available, so be sure to go to the store or post office equipped with that information to guarantee that you buy an adequate tube. You will also need to consider the weight of the item. A standard tube will suffice if you are shipping lightweight documents, but you should choose a thicker tube that offers better durability if you are shipping metal rods or heavy industrial parts. Look for tubes that have a spiral-wound double wall. You may also want to try telescoping tubes that can expand to allow for multiple sizes of documents or items in one tube. This will save you the hassle of buying and packing several different mailing tubes at one time. 

2) Take the time to properly secure the mailing tube. 

Once you have the document or item safely inside the mailing tube, it's vital that you seal off the package for shipment. Most mailing tubes have plastic caps on the end to secure the parcel. It may not seem necessary to do anything else once you put the caps in place on both ends, but you should always wrap heavy-duty shipping tape over the caps for extra security. Other mailing tubes may require crimping or pinching the ends closed instead. You will not need tape for these types of tubes, but make certain that the ends are firmly snapped tight before you send the package to the post office. 

3) If your business will be shipping documents regularly, consider including your company logo on the mailing tube. 

While a plain mailing container will certainly get the job done, a custom shipping option also has some benefits. The addition of your logo on the mailing tube is a unique way to use passive marketing for your company. It helps keep your business name at the front of customers' minds with very little effort on your part. To be most effective, ensure that your logo is placed on the tube in a location that won't be obscured by shipping labels or stamps that might be attached at the post office. Confirm that the logo size is also large enough to be seen easily and recognized upon delivery. Using mailing tubes that boast both functionality and advertisement capability can quickly differentiate you from your competitors. 

When you are ready to pack an item in a mailing tube, be sure to use the tips listed above to make your shipment effective and easy.

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