Decisions To Make When Ordering A Stone Memorial Bench

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Decisions To Make When Ordering A Stone Memorial Bench

Decisions To Make When Ordering A Stone Memorial Bench

19 February 2021
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A stone memorial bench can be a good way to honor the memory of a loved one who has recently passed away. A bench of this nature can work well at the cemetery in which the individual is buried, but you might also consider it for another location — perhaps a community park where you spread the person's cremated remains. If you're planning to order this type of bench from a local provider, you'll want to give some serious thought to how you want the bench to look. Here are some decisions to make with your family before you place your order.

Backrest Vs. No Backrest

Some memorial benches have a backrest, while others do not. Both designs can be appealing in their own way, so it's useful to think about what look you want to achieve. If the person you're honoring enjoyed simplicity, a simple bench that solely consists of two legs and a seat on which to sit can be suitable. If you plan to spend a lot of time sitting on the bench — and you expect that others will do the same — a bench that has a backrest can offer more comfort.

Overall Look

There are all sorts of different looks to consider when you're going to order a stone memorial bench. Some people favor benches that have polished stone — a look that can give the structure a modern and classy appearance that will often match lots of modern headstones. Another option is a rustic bench, which will have more of a matte finish than a polished one. Modern benches often have straight lines and 90-degree corners, while rustic benches can have rounded corners and edges to give them more of a natural appearance.


You'll want to put careful consideration into the engraving that you choose for the stone memorial bench. At a minimum, you'll likely want the person's name, birth year, and death year. There are lots of other options that you can think about. If the person had a favorite scripture verse, the bench will provide lots of space to include it. Depending on the look of the bench, this verse can work well on the backrest, the seat, or even the face of the seat. Lots of companies can engrave images, so you might think about a portrait image of your loved one. If the person served in the armed forces or was a member of a local service club, another option is to have this organization's logo engraved on the bench.

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