4 Benefits Of Bathtub Reglazing Over Replacement

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4 Benefits Of Bathtub Reglazing Over Replacement

4 Benefits Of Bathtub Reglazing Over Replacement

28 October 2021
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Has your bathtub become an eyesore with chipping and stains? You could buy a new one and have it installed at a high cost, or you could make it look as new again with reglazing or refinishing. Bathtub reglazing involves cleaning the bathtub of stains, repairing the chips, and applying a new acrylic coating. The result is a bathtub that looks good as new. Why would you want to do a bathtub refinishing instead of replacing it with a new one?

Save Money

The cost of replacing a bathtub is more than the cost of the bathtub itself. There are attendant costs in removing the old bathtub, upgrading the plumbing, and retiling the surrounding space. These costs can run into thousands of dollars depending on your area.

On the other hand, bathtub reglazing costs much less, typically a few hundred dollars. The only costs are those of the process. You don't have to rework the plumbing or replace the tiles. In addition, bathtub reglazing is more convenient because it can be done in a day while replacing it takes a few days.

Keep Your High-Quality Tub

Most people are fond of the older cast iron tubs because they were deeper and more luxurious than today's models. Some say the engineering was superior.  But their main drawbacks were corrosion and chipping.

Bathtub reglazing works well to restore cast iron tubs by hiding rusty and chipped spots. If you like how the old bathtub has served you over the years, refinishing gives it a new life. A good refinishing job can extend the life of your old bathtub by more than a decade.

Revamp Your Bathroom's Look

The bathtub acts as a visual focal point in a bathroom because of its centrality. It is the biggest object in the bathroom. Bathtub reglazing gives your bathroom a new look.

You can opt to refinish other bathroom surfaces, especially the sinks. These few changes can give your bathroom a fresh look. In addition, it is more affordable than a fully-fledged bathroom remodeling project.


Bathtub reglazing seals in lead metal in older tub designs. The lead remains stable and safe even when you dump the bathtub. It goes a long way to preventing the infiltration of heavy metals into the ground and underground water.

Keeping your old tub also reduces your carbon footprint because one less tub translates to lower extraction of resources and energy usage in producing a new tub.

Would you like to revamp the way your bathroom's looks quickly? Talk to a bathroom refinisher about bathtub reglazing for your bathtub.

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