Signs It's Time To Call A Well Pump Service To Repair Your Submersible Pump So Water Flows As It Should

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Signs It's Time To Call A Well Pump Service To Repair Your Submersible Pump So Water Flows As It Should

Signs It's Time To Call A Well Pump Service To Repair Your Submersible Pump So Water Flows As It Should

13 December 2021
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If you have a private well, you'll need to keep it maintained properly so you have a constant supply of safe water for your family. Maintenance includes keeping the pump in good shape. Fortunately, submersible pumps are very durable and they can run for many years without having problems. Here are some signs you may need to call a well pump service to check on your pump.

Your Water Pressure Is Low

A failing pump might be the cause of low water pressure in your house. However, other problems cause this condition too. The well pump service has to check parts such as the check valve, pressure switch, pressure tank, and pump to pinpoint the problem.

If the pump is responsible, the whole pump may need to be replaced rather than just repaired. However, pump repairs are often possible if a single part, like a switch, just needs to be cleaned or replaced. The pump itself may need to be cleaned if the pressure is low due to a buildup of slime or iron bacteria.

The Pump Doesn't Shut Off

A well pump that runs all the time drives up your power bill and it can wear down the motor. When you notice the pump running all the time, call a well pump service for help. Since a submersible pump is at the bottom of the well, the pump has to be pulled out by a professional so it can be checked and serviced. If parts on the pump are worn down, or if there is a leak in the drop pipe, the pump may run constantly, and repairs are necessary so the pump will shut off and on as it should.

The Pump Puts Out Less Water

The well pump service needs to verify the problem is with the pump and not the water supply. The pump might have an airlock, in which case turning the pump on and off might fix the problem. The pump could also have a faulty part, and this requires pulling the pump to the surface to inspect it. The pump may need parts replaced or tightened. The drop pipe to the pump might also be to blame if it's corroded or cracked. If that's the case, the pipe needs to be repaired or replaced.

The Water Quality Suddenly Changes

When the quality of your water changes, call in a well pump service to figure out why. You want your water to be safe for your family, so testing the water is an important step in determining water quality. Your water might develop a foul odor or cloudy appearance. There could be a lot of sand or air in the water. The well pump service has to determine if the problem is due to a pump problem, the well, or the water. Quick repairs and testing are needed to ensure the water you drink isn't contaminated. If your well does become contaminated, the well service may need to disinfect it and the pump.

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