What You Need To Know About Using Water Pump Pullers & Heavy Cables

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What You Need To Know About Using Water Pump Pullers & Heavy Cables

What You Need To Know About Using Water Pump Pullers & Heavy Cables

15 July 2022
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Even if you are familiar with water pump pullers, you may not have installed one on your own. If you plan to use a water pump puller for heavy cables, there are a few things you need to know about the safe installation and use.

These tips will help you use your water pump puller more efficiently with heavier cables.

Check the Water Pump Puller's Capacity  

Make sure that the pump puller you purchase can handle the weight of the cable you plan to use. Some pump pullers are only designed for use with smaller, lighter cables. This means you will need to have some familiarity with the cables commonly used with projects like yours.

If you try to use a pump puller that isn't meant for heavy cables, you could damage the pump puller or the cable. You could also find yourself starting over from scratch.

Inspect the Cable for Damage

Before you attach the cable to the water pump puller, inspect it for any damage. This is especially important if you are using a used or rented cable. Small nicks and frays can turn into big problems when you are using a pump puller.

Attach the Cable to the Pump Puller 

Once you have inspected the cable, it's time to attach it to the pump puller. Make sure that you follow the instructions that came with your particular model of pump puller.

If you are using a new cable, it's a good idea to have a professional help you attach it to the pump puller. This will ensure that it is done correctly and will minimize the risk of damage.

Know How to Use the Water Pump Puller Safely

Now that the cable is properly attached to the pump puller, you are ready to use it. Again, make sure you familiarize yourself with the instructions that came with your pump puller.

Be sure to wear gloves when using the pump puller. This will protect your hands in case the cable snaps or the pump puller malfunctions. While you should not expect this to happen, it is possible.

Talk to a Professional About Adequate Water Pump Pullers

If you have any questions about which water pump puller or cable is right for your project, don't hesitate to ask a professional. There are many different pump pullers out there, and finding the right one for heavy cables will save you a world of trouble.

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